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Frequently Asked

What types of rooms/suites are available?

We offer a variety of luxurious rooms and suites, each designed for your comfort and enjoyment. The property comes equipped with 8 bedrooms with 9 beds total. View our gallery to learn more about each room!


Are pets allowed in the accommodations?

Unfortunately, we do not permit pets on the property.


How can I reserve the Mansion?

Reservations can be made online through our website with the "BOOK NOW" button.


What is the cancellation policy?

Details can be found here: www.mansiononthelake.com/cancellation-policy


Are there any special packages available?

Yes, we offer various seasonal packages! Check our website or inquire with our team for the latest offerings.


What amenities are included with my stay?

Most amenities are included in your stay. However, some may have additional charges like chef service, grocery delivery, etc. If you have questions about what is included, reach out to our team via chat!


Is there a fitness center on site?

Yes, we have a fitness center equipped with a treadmill, free weights and more.


What dining options are available at Mansion on the Lake?

The Blind Horse Restaurant and Winery offers exquisite dining experiences! For in-home dining, add a chef service to your booking! Read more about Chef Colin and Chef Diana on our blog page. Check out our guidebook to view all of our recommendations!


Can dietary restrictions be accommodated?

Absolutely. If you select to add a chef service, please inform them of any dietary restrictions and they will ensure your needs are met.


What recreational activities are offered on the property?

Guests can enjoy swimming, basketball, tennis, pickleball, football, yard games, hiking on-site and more. Our concierge can also assist with off-site activities.


Are visitors allowed in guest rooms?

Visitors are welcome during the daytime but may not stay overnight if not accounted for during booking.


What is the smoking policy?

Mansion on the Lake is a smoke free home. Smoking areas are available outside.


What security measures are in place?

We prioritize guest safety with 24/7 surveillance cameras.


Are there safety measures in case of emergencies?

Emergency procedures are in our guest guidebook. You will receive the guest guidebook when you complete your booking.


Is transportation provided to and from the airport?

We can arrange transportation to and from the airport upon request. Please contact our concierge for assistance.


Is there parking available?

Yes, we offer complimentary parking for guests during their stay in the garage and driveway.


Can the concierge assist with arranging local transportation?

Certainly, our concierge can help arrange local transportation as needed. Please note that in our rural area, rideshare services can have sparce availability.


Are there accessible rooms or facilities for guests with mobility challenges?

Yes, we have accessible rooms and facilities. Please inform our team of any specific requirements during booking.


What time is check in/check out?

Check in is after 4:00 p.m., and check out is at 11:00 a.m.. Late check out may be available upon request.


Is there an age restriction for guests?

There is no age limit; all guests are invited to enjoy the Mansion! However, guests must be at least 25 years old to make a booking.


Is Wi-Fi available, and is it complimentary?

Complimentary Wi-Fi is provided for guests throughout the property.


Can Mansion on the Lake host special events?

Yes, we specialize in hosting special events like family reunions, birthday parties and employee wellness retreats. Our team can tailor packages to suit your specific needs.


Are event planning services available?

Our team is available to assist with every detail, ensuring a seamless and memorable event.


Are there restrictions on noise or guest numbers for private events?

We have guidelines to ensure a peaceful environment. Please consult with our team for specific details.


Can I host a wedding at Mansion on the Lake?

Unfortunately, Mansion on the Lake is not available as a wedding venue, but we offer the ideal backdrop for all your pre and post-wedding festivities and accommodations!


How is waste disposal managed?

We have a comprehensive waste management system, adhering to environmentally conscious practices. More details on disposal is available in our guest guidebook.


What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards.


Is a deposit required at the time of booking?

A deposit may be required - details will be provided during the booking process.


How can I provide feedback about my stay? ​

We value your feedback! You can share your experience through our social media platforms, Google reviews, and directly with our management team.​


How does Mansion on the Lake handle bookings for celebrities with agents requiring security and exclusive contracts?

Confidentiality and Privacy: We prioritize the confidentiality of all guests, particularly high-profile individuals, respecting and safeguarding their privacy.
Agent Booking Process: Our reservations team collaborates closely with celebrity agents to ensure a smooth booking process, accurately recording specific requirements and preferences.
Security Detail Coordination: For guests needing security detail, our security team works with provided details to create a comprehensive security plan, monitoring entry points and coordinating with the guest's security personnel.
Exclusive Contracts: Mansion on the Lake is experienced in handling exclusive contracts for celebrities. Our legal team reviews and executes these contracts in alignment with privacy and security needs.


What customized amenities and services are offered for high-profile guests? ​

Customized Amenities and Services: To enhance the stay of high-profile guests, we offer tailored amenities such as private entrances, dedicated staff, and exclusive access to certain facilities.
Restricted Access Areas: Certain areas of the property can be restricted to ensure the utmost privacy, with our security team working closely with the guest's security detail to manage and monitor these areas.
Discreet Arrival and Departure: Special arrangements are made for discreet arrivals and departures, including separate entrances or private check-in/check-out procedures.


How does Mansion on the Lake communicate with celebrity agents and security teams?​

Communication Protocol: We establish a clear communication protocol with the celebrity's agent and security team, ensuring alignment on logistics, schedules, and any additional requirements.
Emergency Preparedness: Our staff is trained to handle emergencies and coordinate with security personnel, with protocols in place to address unexpected situations while maintaining guest safety.


Does Mansion on the Lake offer ongoing support during a celebrity's stay? ​

Ongoing Support: Throughout the celebrity's stay, we provide ongoing support to ensure all needs are met. Regular check-ins with the agent and security detail are conducted to address evolving requirements. At Mansion on the Lake, we take pride in offering a sanctuary for celebrities, providing an exceptional experience while respecting their unique needs for luxury, security, and privacy.


Am I covered if I break something during my stay?​

Verification of Occupancy, Damage Waiver, and Security
Secure your reservation today and rest easy knowing you're fully protected against accidental damage during your stay. With our damage waiver for just $35, your peace of mind is our priority. Plus, complete our verification process for added security—we'll ask for personal verification to ensure your booking is safe and secure. Book now to ensure your well-deserved getaway is worry-free from start to finish!
Attention: Ensuring the security of our properties and adhering to current short-term rental regulations are paramount to us. Therefore, we kindly request your cooperation in undergoing our independent verification process through SuperHog. Expect communication via email and/or text to initiate this verification.
Additionally, please note: Before your booking begins, it is mandatory to purchase a damage waiver for a nominal fee of $35. This invaluable protection offers comprehensive coverage, ensuring you peace of mind in the unfortunate event of accidental damage during your stay. With the damage waiver, you can enjoy your accommodation worry-free, knowing that any unforeseen mishaps will be swiftly and fully addressed, allowing you to focus solely on your enjoyment and relaxation.

Still have questions?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.